The TesseracT Podcast No.1 w/ Jay Postones and Daniel Tompkins

July 26, 2019

PODCAST NUMBER 1 - how exciting. Recorded in a hotel room in Tomar, Portugal, shortly before TesseracT's headline performance at Comendatio Music Fest.

Dan and Jay host the Podcast - and start as they mean to go on. We talk through all-things-Tesseract including stories from the 2019 tour so far; surviving on the road in a tour bus; how we ended up joining Tesseract in the first place; the main reason we started the Podcast (to help people); being generally out-of-shape middle-aged men, and some of the funniest drunken tour stories we can remember.



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Dan - https://www.instagram.com/rockwithdan/

Jay - https://www.instagram.com/jaypostones/

Amos - https://www.instagram.com/amospremwilliams/

Acle - https://www.instagram.com/appleacle/

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